Bloggers & Interviewing


I’m currently seeking interviews for my latest book release, Maxwell Demon, please contact me to help me create the buzz we both want! Maxwell Demon is a na paranormal religious fantasy book that will be launching my series The Blasphemer Series.

When I am not promoting I’m open to interviews on various topics: paranormal, religion, sci-fi, writing, and being an indie writer just to name a few. I’m always looking to contribute.

Authors/Writers/Indie Community Members

I’m interested in doing many types of interviews, from interviews with those behind-the-scenes like editors and beta-readers to graphic artists. I’m always interested in a good writer interview as well as the always fun ‘character interviews’. Sounds like something you’d be interested in? Contact me. I’d even love to interview a reader or several even, on what they enjoy and get a better insight into the mind of a book lover!