New:Bookshelves & More


New features to the site include, but not limited to Bookshelves. Within this section you will find books that are some of my favorites. I’ve added underneath them descriptions of why they became my favorites or my “go-to” books for inspiration or even research! You will also find book reviews of other authors in this area.


I’ve been providing book covers on a one-on-one basis for some time now. I’ve also worked on graphics and other items that other writers may need. Mostly, this is behind the scenes work, but it’s work. I dedicate my time, away from my own writing, to help other indies/non-indies get things done that they may need and may not be able to do themselves. From a book cover, writing guidance, or even brainstorming with them to help them get over that hated writer’s block. If you’re interested, you can check this area out to find out more or even see what others are saying about their time with me!


You can see current and future projects that are being worked on in more detail.

Fan Club

You will find a link to the newsletter sign-up as well as the Facebook Group link here. In time, more things will be added.