Painted Mayhem Merch

As it gets closer to the March 1st release of the Painted Mayhem anthology, merch has begun to roll out. Author Tj Weeks, brough together many indie authors some of the biggest names in indie horror to do this project this year.

I was incredibly honored to be invited to join these authors on thos project that benefits those living with PTSD, whether diagnosed with it or the families of those living day-to-day with it.

All money raised through promotional merch and the sale of the anthology book when it goes live will go to these families. Attached is just one image of the promotional items released for pre-order/reservation.


Black Painted Mayhem Shirt

White Painted Mayhem Shirt (shown in image)

White Painted Mayhem Hoodie

White Painted Mayhem Tank

The White Painted Mayhem Shirt (shown in the image) has a special addition on the back that lists all the authors involved this year (2016 edition). The theme for this anthology is ‘killer clowns’.

If more merch comes out this post will be updated! So if you want to keep tabs, bookmark this blog post.